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Who should use this application:

This application is for students who have completed credit courses at Carleton University and are applying for admission or re-admission to a new degree program.

If you want to apply for changes to program elements without changing your degree, i.e. you only want to change your Major, Minor, Specialization, Concentration, or Stream, or if you want to switch between General and Honours degrees, please use the Change of Program Elements under the ''Student Online Application'' menu in Carleton Central.

Active Culture Works ESL students will not use this application. Consult with the Culture Works registrar or Admissions Services for information on degree application procedures.

  1. All applicants or Special Students who have studied at another post secondary institution must arrange to have all official transcripts sent directly from the institution to Admissions Services. All transcripts become the property of Carleton University.
    • Carleton University transcripts are not required to be submitted.
    • Unofficial Grade Reports or student copies of transcripts are unacceptable.
  2. To amend the program or the term for a submitted application, contact Admissions Services using the Application Amendment form.
  3. Amendments to your phone number and/or address must be made through Carleton Central. To make any changes, additions or deletions to other information, you must present supporting documents to the Registrar's Office.
  4. An application may include up to two choices of program, but you may submit only one application per term.
  5. You may save your application to work on it later. To retrieve an application in progress, return to the "Admission Application for Carleton Students" on the Admissions "How to Apply" page.
  6. Review and ensure that your application is complete before submitting it.
  7. You may track the progress of your submitted application by logging on to Carleton Central.
  8. Please read the privacy statement and the refund statement before continuing
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